Spirits (<50% ABV), wine or juice (no skins or solids).


  • up to 10 GPM
  • 1" TriClamp Inlet and Outlet (Click here to understand TriClamp Size)
  • 110 V, 0.5 HP, 5.1 FLA
  • Working Temperature 32°F -113°F.
  • Casing, back cover, and impeller are 304 S/S. Guide plate and ejector are reinforced plastic.
  • 3450 RPM, TEFC continuous duty motor with Class F insulation and IP55 protection.

NOT explosion proof.

Self-priming? This pump is technically self-priming. However, you must fill the pumphead with liquid before starting the pump. Self-priming means you do not have to fill the suction line.

Drain the pumphead after use. This is the most important maintenance.

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Performance (water test temperature 20° C)
Flow (LPM)----Divide by 4 for GPM
Head (m)
Pressure: 10 m ~ 15 psi ~1 atm ~ 1 bar ~ 105 MPa ~ 33 ft
LPM/4 ~ GPM (liters/minute and gallons/minute)


Blocks seeds/skins while pumping juice from macrobin or fermentation tank. Perforated screen surrounds 2" suction pipe.

Total length 52". Screen 26" x 4"

2" TC input.
Held with 4" TC clamp.
Polished 304 stainless.


5 of over 400 left!!!

We are quite sure this is less than 1/3 the price of any other other supplier. In fact, you cannot buy a container of these directly from Zambelli at this price. A Minnesota hobby shop ordered about 3 containers of items for home winemaking and then flaked out. Unfortunately, Zambelli had already made some things so we took them.

25 cm diameter wood basket
~ 4 gallon capacity