MEP Filling Machines

MEP is a family business founded in 2002.

All MEP machines are designed, engineered, constructed, and tested entirely in-house. This is what separates MEP.

St. Patrick's has been the EXCLUSIVE importer and authorized distributor of MEP in North America since 2003, over 21 years.

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MEP Filling Machine with Electronic Float Control and Gas Sparger

  • Complete with Pump and N2 regulator.
  • Highest quality filler for small wineries and distilleries
  • The ONLY filler with built-in Sparger and regulator
  • Electronic Level Control with Pump
  • Floor Model on Wheels

  • Pump will turn on and off to fill tank as needed.
  • Microswitch opens N2 sparge valve.
  • Fill automatically stops at preset level.


 230 V, single phase. Best for wine.


 110 V. Best for spirits.

  • Electronic Level Control. Turns pump On/Off as needed to fill tank.
  • Gas Sparger w/ N2 regulator, 15-25 psi
  • 4 Nozzles
  • 600 bottles/hour
  • 110V Jet05 pump or 230V MEP-20 FIP pump (with 1.5" Triclamp inlet/outlets)
  • Floor unit, 4 wheels
  • Precise adjustable control of fill level.
  • Automatic shut off when bottle is full.
  • Each spout operates independently
  • Reservoir capacity ~9 gallons
  • Bottle heights 7"-20"
  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions: 28"x21"x61" LxWxH

Operation of this filling machine is nearly self-evident but here's a quick summary:

  • The fill nozzles are spring-loaded valves. Push the bottle onto the nozzle firmly to open the valve and begin filling. Filling will shut off automatically when the preset fill level is reached.
  • The bottles rest on an adjustable tray. This tray is moved to accomodate bottles from 7" to 20" height.
  • Fill level: Loosen the allen screw on the nozzle bushing and raise or lower the bushing to adjust the fill level. Do not overtighten the allen screw. 
  • Set regulator at 25 psi. (sparge for ~2 seconds)
  • Tip on setup : Ignore the tray and Adjust Fill level first. Then position tray at HIGHEST possible position.

Please note:

You cannot have suspended particles that will plug the nozzles.

Bottle must have a long neck like a wine bottle.


    If fill level of your bottle is greater than 3-1/4" below the top of the bottle, you will need this nozzle. If you are uncertain, please send us drawing of the bottle.


    MEP Sparger

    • Complete with N2 regulator and tubing
    • Diameter of bottles: up to 4.4"
    • Height of bottles: up to 14.75"
    • N2 injection through solenoid valves
    • The two injectors work independently
    • Bench version
    • 110 V
    • 304 stainless steel frame


    Arriving August

    MEP Vacuum Filler

    For Olive Oil or other viscous products. 

    • Vacuum filling
    • Four 14 mm diameter nozzles 
    • Height of bottles: up to 16.5"
    • 110 V
    • 304 stainless steel frame

    Note:  Vacuum filling is best for viscous products such as olive oil because they are faster. Gravity fillers are superior to vacuum fillers for wine and spirits due to several issues including alcohol vapors corroding vacuum pump seals.


    Cart sold separately

    Arriving August


    MEP Semiautomatic Filling Machine for Sparkling Wine

    and other carbonated products

    • Lifting of the bottles, injection of gas under pressure, and filling of the product are automatic
    • Fills under pressure--Isobaric Filler
    • Pressure of the product 2 -4 bar
    • Diameter of the bottles: up to 3.5"
    • Height of the bottles: up to 12"
    • 230 V, single phase and pneumatic (small air compressor required)
    • 304 stainless steel frame
    • On cart with wheels


    Arriving August