MEP Stelvin Capper

(or ROPP Capper)

  • St. Patrick's is has been the EXCLUSIVE importer and authorized distributor of MEP in North America since 2003, over 21 years.
  • MEP is a family business founded in 2002.
  • All MEP machines are designed, engineered, constructed, and tested entirely in-house. This is what separates MEP.
  • MEP cappers that appear elsewhere in North America came through an Italian distributor, and service and parts must come thru the Italian distributor.


We set up each capper and test prior to shipping. Please send your bottles and caps.

Click Here for Stelvin Capper Parts and Manual


Arriving August

  • Standard machine is for 30x60 mm Stelvin caps (requiring 160 kg-force vertical load)
  • It is possible to change these settings and make this machine suitable for capsules with other dimensions and less force. For example, olive oil and other ROPP.
  • It shapes smooth capsules on the threaded neck of the bottles and makes the lower rim
  • Manual loading of the capsules
  • 800 bottles/hr
  • Capping time: about 2,5 seconds. 
  • Diameter of the bottles: up to 7.7 "
  • Maximum height of the bottles: 13.4"
  • 304 stainless steel frame