Accessories for Tanks

Vent 211 and Adapters

  • Standard on our tanks
  • Pressure vents at 0.05 psi
  • Vacuum break at 0.05 psi (let air/gas into tank when tank is drained)
  • Max flow rate 125 GPM (Be sure the flow rate matches or exceeds the pump speed when filling/emptying)
  • Associated lid tube mitigates wime coming through (as with inexpensive white vents)
  • Easy to remove and clean
  • Better seal than white plastic vents
  • Hard grey plastic
This is not for our tank. This is used to add a Vent-211 to another brand of tank that has a 2" Triclamp port.
Adapter to replace Vent-211 with 2" Triclamp port.
304 stainless. 

Thru-Wall Revolving Spray Ball 

Placed through a 2" TC port on top of tank.

All St. Pats closed top tanks have extra 2" TC port on top hatch.

  • Fits 2" TriClamp port.
  • Inlet 1.5" TC.
  • Ball diameter 1.75". Total length 12.5"
  • 304 stainless.
  • Pressure: 30 psi
  • Flow: 50 GPM
  • Cleaning diameter: 8'
  • Lubricate periodically

Rotating Arm for TriClamp Valve

The original simple Rotating Arm—designed, manufactured, and introduced to the wine industry by St. Pat's.

Allows you to drain up to 8" above or below the racking valve of the tank. 

  • Change a fixed height valve into a variable height valve
  • Drain tank from up to 8" above or below a racking valve
  • Drain tank from up to 8" above the lowest side wall valve.
  • Simple to operate
  • TC Clamp and Teflon Gasket included

The Rotating Arm is an independent fitting that is inserted between the butterfly valve and the tank ferrule. 

To operate: Loosen the clamp just a little to turn the arm. Then open the valve slightly while turning the arm until the juice is clear, and retighten clamp. You can now drain all the wine that is above the lees.

Leave the arm in the horizontal position when not in use to prevent lees from settling into the arm.

Left photos show position of Rotating Arm (RA200) at same height as valve. Note handle on racking arm (outside of tank) is horizontal. Bottom photos show position of racking arm 8" above the valve. Note handle on racking arm (outside tank) is vertical. The arm can be easily rotated to any position between these two positions.


Letina Cooling Plates

For small tanks and bins

  • Easily installed into lids of variable capacity tanks. No welding needed.
  • You need a 1-1/8" bimetal hole saw to drill 2 holes in lid.
  • Maximum pressure 2.5 bar (36 psi)
  • 304 stainless steel. Polished finish.
  • Use 3/4" ID hose/tubing for chill lines.
  • The plates require a minimum of 4" plus the plate height. For example, the no. 12 plate needs 36" minimum of vertical space in the tank (4" + 32").


32" x 15", for >600 liter tank
Click for Schematic

24" x10.5", for 300-600 liter tank
Click for Schematic

Removable Agitator

  • Attach to ball valve. Open valve, and extend mixing blades thru the valve.
  • 220V, 60 Hz, single phase, 3/4 HP
  • The agitator can be attached directly to the racking port of our Letina tanks without a supporting stand. The reinforcing ring on the racking port, a Letina innovation from nearly 20 years ago, permits this

Tank Carbonation/Aeration Assembly

  • Complete with 1.5" TriClamp coupler, Stone, and 1/4" stainless ball valve.
  • St. Pat's design eliminates the leaks and assembly fuss of competitive stones.
  • Competitive products either 1)weld the stone to an end cap which makes cleaning difficult and flexibility impossible or 2)press the stone between two gaskets which is prone to leaks.
  • Must have 1.5" TC port. 


316 stainless, 2 micron porosity. 9.5" Length x 1" diameter. 1/2" MPT on one end, other end closed.


1.5" TriClamp Coupler—1/4" MPT x 1/2" FPT 

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